Olivia White

Name: Liv White
Degree: Ancient History MA
Nationality: Great Britain
Target: 200m Breaststroke
In the past two months we've had BUCS and Scottish Short Course Championships. How do you feel the competitions went and what lessons are you taking forward?
BUCS was my first meet of the season. It was a solid start, swimming close to my pb so I was happy to have a good starting point... even if I wasn't happy to come away with the silver haha. I did not attend Scottish Short Course as a group of us went to race the Amsterdam Swim Cup instead. We made the decision due to wanting to get an early long course race under our belts. I had an awful lead up to the meet with a poor training cycle due to what felt like endless university deadlines. This preparation became worse when I strained my groin a week and a half out of the meet. This meant I had to pull out of the 100 breastroke and didn't swim breastroke till I raced my 200 on the Sunday. I made the B final and went on to win the final later in the day. It wasn't where I had been hoping to be at, but all considering, it was a reasonable first long course meet of the season.
With trials within your sights, what are you targets in the next few month?
My main targets are to improve my opening speed and turns.
What is life at swim camp like? (If you’re not at camp currently you can use past experiences) What do you hope to accomplish out there?
Life at swim camp is great, but incredibly hard. People often think its just a holiday with a bit of swimming... but its really not. There are no distractions, everything is set up for you in terms of nutritions, accommodation and facilities so the expectations are higher. The training is intense and brutal but its also a lot of fun. I've just got back from South Africa which was amazing, and a lot warmer than Edinburgh!
There is a growing emphasis on resting between practices; be it a nap, a good night's sleep, or a just chilling out with friends. What do you do in your down time?
I love a good nap. I also have exams still in the summer so I am trying to keep up with studying so that hopefully it won't be a panic cram post-trials for them.
What is your favorite worst set??
Probably a best average set; so hard but so satisfying.
Who has made the best/least appetizing camp dinner so far?
We were lucky enough to be staying the Stellenbosh Sports Academy so we haven't had to cook. It is the permanent residence of the South African Sevens team so all the meals were of good nutritional content.
You can follow Liv on her Instagram and Twitter @livwhitee

Liv would like to thank Funkita and Winning Students for their continued support.