Emily Jones

Name: Emily Jones
Degree: Geology MA
Nationality: Great Britain
Target: 200m IM, 4x200 Free Relay
In the past two months we've had BUCS and Scottish Short Course Championships. How do you feel the competitions went and what lessons are you taking forward?
I had some very strong performances at BUCS sc. Being part of the winning relays and breaking the 9 year standing 4x50im relay record was unbelievable. It's a memory that I will never forget! My individual swims were very strong and positive which enabled me to then perform all personal bests at Scottish Short Course.
With trials within your sights, what are you targets in the next few month?
I am looking forward to racing long course in the next few months. My main target is to keep improving skills in both the stroke and around walls.
What is life at swim camp like? (If you’re not at camp currently you can use past experiences) What do you hope to accomplish out there?
Swimming camp in Australia is fantastic! The atmosphere is very relaxed but we are all working hard in the pool and gym. There is a good balance between training a recovery so in down time we get to go exploring. This camp is setting us up for the long course season and as we are a small group, it let's us be very specific with our needs in training.
There is a growing emphasis on resting between practices; be it a nap, a good night's sleep, or a just chilling out with friends. What do you do in your down time?
I like to have a small nap. I feel it helps me recharge my batteries. I also like just lounging around with my friends/team mates and chatting. It takes my mind of swimming and helps me relax and recover.
What is your favorite worst set??
Favourite set is an anerobic set. I love the feeling of being knackered as it reinsures me that I am getting better and faster. I also like swimming race module sets. I like practicing exactly what I do in a race! Here is an example of one of my favourite anerobic sets~ (3x50)x4
Who has made the best/least appetizing camp dinner so far?
Editor: Emily did not answer the question.

Emily would like to thank Scottish Institute of Sport and Winning Students for their continued support.