Lucy Hope

Name: Lucy Hope
Degree: Mathematics
Nationality: Great Britain
Target: 100, 200 Freestyles
In the past two months we've had BUCS and Scottish Short Course Championships. How do you feel the competitions went and what lessons are you taking forward?
Bucs short course went really well for me and I feel like it was a massive step forward in many of my events. I continued these performances through to Scottish short course but unfortunately due to having exams throughout my best performances came in the relays coming away with three Scottish records with the rest of my Edinburgh team mates.
With trials within your sights, what are you targets in the next few month?
Just to continue doing what I've been doing in training and improve little aspects of my technique and skills.
What is life at swim camp like? (If you’re not at camp currently you can use past experiences) What do you hope to accomplish out there?
Life at camp is pretty chilled, you can fully focus on your swimming without having a lot of other worries which you usually have with uni etc. Camp gives you a chance to get some big gains as you have more time to rest and recover, it also gives you a chance to bond a lot with your team mates aswell.
There is a growing emphasis on resting between practices; be it a nap, a good night's sleep, or a just chilling out with friends. What do you do in your down time?
I always try to get a good nights sleep, then usually just chill during the day maybe go for a walk or do some colouring in.
What is your favorite worst set?
I don't have a worst set, long fraction swimming can sometimes be a bit boring but in the sun it's not all that bad.
Who has made the best/least appetizing camp dinner so far?
Probably mine and Emily's risotto/paella...was still good but forgot to by some of the main ingredients