26/10/11 1sts vs. Strathclyde

After their decisive victory against Aberdeen a couple of weeks ago, the Edinburgh’s 1st team swimmers put their game faces on ahead of a meeting with Strathclyde on Wednesday 26th October.

The girls kicked off the with the 4 x50m medley relay, beating the Strathclyde ladies by a whole length of the pool! This strong start was met with a series of strong swims from the Edinburgh girls in the 100 metre events. The 100m freestyle saw Sarah Eaglesham place 1st with an impressive time of 59.50. In the 100m breaststroke Emma Bird and Andrea Strachan tore ahead of the Strathclyde girls, claiming 1st and 2nd place. Strachan took the 100m IM with a rapid time of 1:12.15, whilst Iona Campbell took 2nd comfortably. Emma Bird and Ishbel Rodger had the unenviable task of swimming the longest event - 200m free - but the Edinburgh ladies rose to the challenge and produced some seemingly effortless swims, taking 1st and 2nd respectively. In the 50 metre events Edinburgh denied Strathclyde any 1st or 2nd places. The 50m fly was close, however, with Jenn Davis clinching 2nd ahead of Strathclyde’s swimmer by just 0.06 seconds after chasing her in the last 15 metres; Eilidh Kirkwood took first by 0.38 seconds. The 50 backstroke was dominated by the Edinburgh girls, with Rachel Smithers and Amy Parsons battling it out for 1st and 2nd; Parsons claimed 1st by 0.31 seconds. The 4 x 50m freestyle relay was another comfortable win for Edinburgh, and with a tiring Strathclyde team, the girls increased the gap with each swimmer and their consistently strong swims.

The men’s team were also a force to be reckoned with, contending more with each other than with Strathclyde. The 200 free saw Edinburgh ahead of Strathclyde’s leading swimmer by a substantial 34 seconds, leaving Captain Craig Meek and Cameron Smith to battle for 1st and 2nd place between themselves; Smith clinched it with 2:03.15 compared to Meek’s close effort of 2:04.04. Like the girls, the guys didn’t give Strathclyde a look in during the 50m events. Stuart Conley put a solid effort into the 50m fly, finishing with a time of 27.63 and taking 1st place with ease. The 50 breaststroke was a close event, with Jack Holroyd fighting for 2nd place, pulling away from his opponent with the very last few strokes. James Thomson took 1st place with an impressive time of 31.91. Nor did Edinburgh show any mercy in the 100m events. European Short Course contender, Nicholas Quinn, claimed 1st place in the 100 fly but was closely followed by Stuart Conley. Orion Young dominated the 100 free with a time of 56.20, comfortably taking 1st place. As the Strathclyde side began to tire they seemed to lose any sense of attack, but Edinburgh’s competitive spirit kept the pace up and subsequently produced some excellent swims and exciting battles.

The result was a staggering 171-77 win for Edinburgh.

Sally Abernethy