05/10/11 Women's 1sts vs. St. Andrews 1sts

EUSWPC’s Women's Water Polo 1sts kicked off the Scottish Student Sport season on Wednesday 5th October with a much anticipated meeting with St. Andrews.

After a gutting defeat last year in the Scottish Cup, the 1st team girls were hungry for revenge. With only having played a couple of practice games they faced an improving St. Andrews team. But the girls had made history on Monday 3rd October as the first University of Edinburgh Water Polo team to claim the Scottish National League title for 2011, so were keen to build on this success. Winning the first period 3-1, the girls went into the second with confidence and Kat McIntosh scored three back to back goals taking Edinburgh further ahead. The tides began to turn with Edinburgh losing three poor man-down goals, to which they had no reply. Going into the third period St. Andrews were on Edinburgh’s tail at 6-5. With the lack of games and fitness Edinburgh started to struggle against St. Andrew’s full press. The 4th period has seen no action for the first three minutes, when St. Andrews capitalised on two breakaway goals and took the lead 9-7. Edinburgh pulled one back with 2 minutes left on the clock, and the prospect of an equaliser was promising. But St. Andrews were not finished, scoring another breakaway goal and finishing the score at a 10-8 victory for St. Andrews.

Despite the close finish, Coach Derek Docherty highlighted three telling factors explaining the Edinburgh defeat; ‘firstly, with lack of games we did not have enough time for our new players to gel. Secondly with a head injury to Kat making her sick meant she was on the bench for one and half periods. Thirdly was that St. Andrews have improved and with the addition of a very good American player they were a strong and well drilled team’. The team were no doubt frustrated by the close result, but the hunger is still very much there and the girls are looking forward to the return game on the 16th November.

Sally Abernethy