05/10/11 Men's 1sts vs. St. Andrews 1sts

The Men’s 1sts game against St Andrews supplied more positive results. Despite St. Andrews’ early lead and a slow start for Edinburgh, the guys came back in force. Goals from Nuno Oliveira, Christos Anastasiades and Captain Ed Grundy overwhelmed the scoreboard while goalkeeper Bojan Donevski made an astounding nineteen saves. Credit is due to Edinburgh’s defence tactics; by playing a drop they forced St Andrews to shoot from far out; of which attempts Donevski had no trouble handling. Robert Tate was top scorer with five goals, including some formidable pit shots. Overall the team were in control of the game and according to their captain Ed, Edinburgh could have won by more. Nevertheless, the final score of 16-10 puts the boys in a strong position at the start of their SSS campaign.

Sally Abernethy