02/04/12 Women's 1sts vs. Menziehill/Whitehall 1sts

The 1st team girls set off to Dundee for their return fixture against Menziehill/Whitehall in the Scottish National League (SNL) without 5 first team regulars. With these players missing and a pool that had a shallow end I knew this was always going to a difficult game. Also Menziehill/Whitehall had a full strength team and home pool advantage. In the last game with them at our own pool we were 7-3 winners.

We started the 1st period attacking the deep end of the pool but with both teams having a good defence this period finished goalless. We had a chance to go 1 goal up but did not convert the man-up.
Score:- 0-0

The 2nd period started with us conceding a breakaway goal to go 1-0 down but a good 5 metre goal from Amy brought us level. The opposition must have thought it was Kirsty’s birthday and presented her with a gift, the ball on their 2 metre line. Now as we all know Kirtsy is very polite and accepted the gift but rather than passing the ball back to their goalkeeper she decide to let her pick it out of her own net. That put us 2-1 up. Then another fine 5 metre goal from Amy put us 3-1 ahead at the end of the period.
Score:- 1-3
Scorers Amy 2, Kirsty.

The 3rd period again was a tight affair with us conceding a penalty and after a second attempt they scored. This was the only goal of this period.
Score:- 2-3

Going into the 4th period I stressed we needed another goal as they were shooting into the deep end of the pool. With Jess in good form and both defences playing well the game ended as it had started. No goals scored in the this period.
Final score:-2-3.

As you can see this was a low scoring game. But with only having 8 players it was a tremendous win and a great effort from all eight. Not our best performance but a win is a win and good teams can win when not playing well and that it what we are a good team. Thanks go to Iona Campbell for stepping in.

Finally as usual my team always prove me wrong by scoring more goals into the shallow end of the pool than into the deep end.

Derek Docherty
Women's 1sts Coach.