17/10/12 Women's 2nds vs. Glasgow 1sts

After a nervous drive up to Glasgow on Wednesday 17th October, the Edinburgh women’s 2nd team were prepared for what was their first game of the season – and the first game of their lives for many. Despite playing against a 1sts team in their home pool with good support from the home crowd, the Edinburgh girls pulled it together to achieve a winning 5-3 outcome against the Glaswegians.
The first quarter started slowly, both teams playing with a degree of uncertainty at the beginning of a new season. The added challenge of playing in an unfamiliar and shallow pool also unsettled Edinburgh, and after Glasgow scored the first goal of the game there was even greater pressure on the girls to get back on the offensive. But after the initial acclimatisation they tightened up their defence, pushed forward and Iona Campbell retaliated with an equalising goal after breaking away from Glasgow’s notoriously hands-on defenders. After a rusty first quarter, the score was left at 1-1 and with Edinburgh still very much in the game.
Focusing on defence for the second quarter, Edinburgh began to work more visibly as a team and -helped by a number of great saves by goal-keeper Siobhan Walshe – only one of Glasgow’s shots made it to the back of the net. At the same time Campbell proved herself the star player, scoring another two goals for Edinburgh. By the third quarter Glasgow were beginning to show signs of tiredness, as despite being a more technically experienced team, the speed of some of Edinburgh’s swimmers was unrivalled. Helped by Zoe McQueen’s dominant defending, the penultimate quarter was no real struggle for the 2nds who were becoming increasingly cohesive as Glasgow’s defence seemed to crumble. Another lucky goal for the Glaswegians was immediately topped by yet another shot from Campbell straight into the corner of the net, leaving our girls with a one-goal lead for the final quarter.
With everything to play for and some rallying words from Coach Derek Docherty, Edinburgh were not prepared to let their lead slip away from them. After several missed shots throughout the quarter, the girls showed definite areas for improvement as the game provided numerous opportunities for more goals. But having only been training together for a few weeks and having had a number of newcomers join the team, Edinburgh showed true determination and promise by holding off a tiring Glasgow. A tremendous shot from Julia Jager left the opposition with a gutting two-goal deficit from which they had no time to recover, sealing Edinburgh’s victory at 5-3.
A delighted Docherty highlighted great potential for upcoming shooters, but an equal need for greater confidence when shooting and protecting the ball. With more time to train together and learn the logistics of the game the 2nds should go from strength to strength, but this time they were ‘simply a better team’ in terms of speed, fitness and, ultimately, persistence. The team look forward to their next match of the season, and hope for an even better result when Glasgow pay them a home visit next term.

Megan Duff