Women's BUCs Championship finals 2014

The Women’s first water polo team brought their BUCS season to a close as they headed to Surrey for the Championship Finals to defend their title. Around robin competition between four teams was how the Championship was to decided, which meant one game was played on the Tuesday, and two on BUCS Big Wednesday. The girls played Cardiff on Tuesday and managed to overcome some excellent shooting from Cardiff’s playmaker, eventually winning 7-5. An excellent results after finishing the first quarter of the match 3-0 down. Some solid penalties from Scottish International, Louise Fox, and an extraordinary lob from fresher Maddie Brookes, set the team back on track.

After being inspired by the Men’s Basketball winning their Trophy Final on the Tuesday night, the girls went into their match against strong challengers, Sheffield Hallam, hopeful of a positive outcome. Again the team suffered the loss of a few quick goals in the first quarter and were still trailing 6-1 at half time. This seemed to act as a wake-up call to the team however, who attempted a courageous fight back and ended up winning the second half 4-1 but ultimately losing the match 7-5. The team went into their final match knowing that a win would see them bring home and BUCS silver medal, but completely aware that Cambridge would not go down without a fight. A fight it most certainly was and a close match the whole way through, with only one goal in it at times, but the girls came out as victors in the end winning 9-6. With kudos going to Jenn Davis and her fantastic tip shot on the final buzzer to seal the deal. This ended the BUCS campaign for another year, with everyone delighted with silver, but there can be no doubt that this young team will be back for revenge next year.