Liv White

Name: Liv White
Degree: Ancient History MA
Nationality: Great Britain
Target: 200m Breaststroke
How did you get involved in swimming?
I used to play hockey competitively but decided to prioritise my swimming instead (ed. HA!). Due to vast improvements I was able to join the University of Edinburgh Performance Swimming Programme.
How many hours do you train per week?
It is week dependent but around 25 hours a week.
How long have you had Rio in your sights?
Like most people who do sport I’ve always dreamt of it, but it became a realistic goal within the past year.
The first major university swim meet, BUCS Short Course, is coming up. How do you feel your preparation is going? What are some of your goals?
We’re currently in a hard training block it will be tough racing. Nonetheless I hope to medal and put together a positive race.
How do you balance your university and training commitments?
Prioritising my tasks and effective time management.
Swimming is a high energy sport. With a limited student budget, what do you do to ensure you stay fit and healthy?
Organising your food helps to keep costs down, and just smart shopping really.
You can follow Liv on her Instagram and Twitter @livwhitee

Liv would like to thank Funkita and Winning Students for their continued support.