Kathy Johnstone

Name: Kathryn Johnstone
Degree: Msc Strength & Conditioning
Nationality: Great Britain
Target: 100m Breaststroke
How did you get involved in swimming?
I followed my sister into the sport age 7. This marks my 18th year of competitive swimming!
How many hours do you train per week?
About 25 hours.
How long have you had Rio in your sights?
5 years.
The first major university swim meet, BUCS Short Course, is coming up. How do you feel your preparation is going? What are some of your goals?
I feel that going into the meet I feel that my preparation is going well. My goal is to retain my BUCS title in the 100m Breaststroke and podium in the 50M Breast. I’m also quite excited to be representing Edinburgh University for the first time at BUCS, after competing for HWU through my undergraduate years.
How do you balance your university and training commitments?
Doing a Master’s Degree comes with an expectation that you can study independent of class hours. Just now, I spend all my weekends in the library completing assignments and doing the readings for each week’s classes.
Swimming is a high energy sport. With a limited student budget, what do you do to ensure you stay fit and healthy?
I tend to eat simple meals. Lots of fruit and veg with some form of lean protein (turkey, beef mince, salmon) and potatoes or rice. I am gluten free and therefore have to be careful of what I eat in that respect. I mainly consume GF breads, pasta, and cereal.
You can follow Kathy on her Instagram and Twitter @Kathy_swim