Emily Jones

Name: Emily Jones
Degree: Geology MA
Nationality: Great Britain
Target: 200m IM, 4x200 Free Relay
How did you get involved in swimming?
My two older sisters started swimming before me so that got me interested; I wanted to be better than them! I was and still am super competitive.
How many hours do you train per week?
I swim for about 16 hours, gym for 3 hours, and do cardio for 2.5 hours.
How long have you had Rio in your sights?
Since London 2012.
The first major university swim meet, BUCS Short Course, is coming up. How do you feel your preparation is going? What are some of your goals?
Just finished a good block of tough training. Training is going very well and I’m aiming to go a 2.11/12 in the 200IM and a 2.00 in the 200 Freestyle. A few wins in the relays would be fantastic too!
How do you balance your university and training commitments?
I am very organized. I have notes all over my room so I don’t forget to do something. The trick is to think about it all too much. If I stop and actually think about what I am doing then I realise how busy I actually am and I panic. Friends are a healthy distraction from swimming life; they keep my happy! Ultimately, you just have to keep focused and enjoy what you do.
Swimming is a high energy sport. With a limited student budget, what do you do to ensure you stay fit and healthy?
To ensure I get the right amount of carbs/proteins from the right places I roughly plan out all my meals every week. Living in a flat full of swimmers definitely helps, we rotate meals and keep the cost down. Additionaly, the Scottish Institute of Sport have been teaching me about proper nutrition since I was young.

Emily would like to thank Scottish Institute of Sport and Winning Students for their continued support.