Lucy Hope

Name: Lucy Hope
Degree: Mathematics
Nationality: Great Britain
Target: 100, 200 Freestyles
How did you get involved in swimming?
I begin swimming at a young age my mum taught me the basics of swimming. I joined my local club at the age of 6 and have been competing since then.
How many hours do you train per week?
A typical week I would be in the pool for 18 hours and have 5 hours in the gym with extra conditioning work on top of that.
How long have you had Rio in your sights?
I have targeted since London 2012, representing Scotland at Glasgow 2014 only increased my appetite.
The first major university swim meet, BUCS Short Course, is coming up. How do you feel your preparation is going? What are some of your goals?
I feel like the training I have been doing prior to BUCS will enable me to set out some good performances and hopefully best times.
How do you balance your university and training commitments?
I'm not going to lie, it's a struggle. I get stressed a lot but I have to be super organised with all my work so I can fit everything in.
Swimming is a high energy sport. With a limited student budget, what do you do to ensure you stay fit and healthy?
I make sure my diet has the main elements, which are needed for me to stay healthy, which is the right amount of carbs and protein to make sure my body can handle the tough week of training.